About us

Kausani is surrounded by 360 Km. wide magnificent panorama of the mighty Himalaya. In this fabulous place we have started handicraft work in 2002 by the name of 'Kausani Shawl'. Now this handicraft job has became vigorous medium of employment for the local people, shepherds & weavers. Kausani Shawl is an effort to present helping hand to local people and to promote the traditional Kumaoni artwork by available market place. Before this effort the handicraft of Kausani was trailing its identity and local weavers was escaping other places for bread and butter.


The woolen shawls of Kausani have beautiful embroidery work done on them. The price of the woolen shawls depends upon the type of wool used and the fineness of the embroidery. Shawls and handicraft are available and various designs, embroidery work and colors. The work is appreciated and valued by millions of tourists, visitors and local people.


Achievements : Kausani shawl has been awarded by Various Govt. Body

  • 1st prize in the district by the Udhyog Nideshalaya , Uttarakhand Govt.

  • Participation certificate by Rashtriya  Khadi & Gram-o-udhyog Exhibition  2007-08.

  • Participation certificate by Central region Khadi & Gram-o-udhyog Exhibition 2005.

  •  Participation certificate in national Handloom Expo 2007-08 at Dehradun by Udyog Nideshalaya , Uttarakhand Govt.


The weavers are highly skilled and trend conscious. This industry has given a new dimension to Kausani by employing local weavers & shepherds; it has gained enormous popularity due to its quality. We are specialized in shawls, Kaleen, Maflar, Blankets. The weavers are very hard working and devoted to the industry.